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Your business should be unique to your brand it should be different than any other website out there. Even to your competitors and you don’t want a website that’s a cookie cutter to you competitors. We look at our competitor’s website and we wish that our site can look like theirs but that’s the problem if your website looks like your competitors then it’s not unique to your brand.

You want your website to be about your business what you can provide your client what why should they purchase from you. So sit down and pull out your note book write about what you want, what is your vision for your business and once you know that then you will know what you want your website to look like. When you sit down with your designer you can explain to her what your vision it makes it so much easier when she creates your website.

So please remember you don’t want a cookie cutter website you want a website unique to your brand.

Focus, Vision, Success

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