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Creating a Plan for your website!!

Are you ready to create a plan for your website!! Have you done your research like knowing who your audience is who is your competition that is selling the same kind of product or services that you are? I bet you’re wondering why am I telling you this because I am a web designer? But I am also like you and businesswoman I am an entrepreneur? I need to know who my competitor is I need to know all the things that I am telling you.

There are so many entrepreneurs out there who want to build a website but they don’t know what to do to get started or once their website has been built so that’s why you need to CREATE A PLAN FOR YOUR WEBSITE.

When I talk to my, clients, I tell them they should treat their website like it’s a brick and mortar business that you walk into it every day and you want your store to WOW your clients so that goes the same way for your website. I encourage my clients to be part of the process when it comes to the designing of their website. That’s what your plan is for.

When I meet with my clients more our first initial meeting time we will go over what they need to get started shown below. So I am going to give this information for you to get started.

Do you have a Domain name and hosting services?
What are the colors that you’re waiting for your website?
Who is your audience?
What kind of product are you selling?
Is your website an E-Commerce website if so what kind of E-Commerce.
Is it an information website such as church, non-profit organization etc.
Do you have a Logo already?

I will be putting a PDF out to give you more information on what you need to do to get started. So please stay tuned to that PDF that will help you get started.

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