Crown Beauty LLC
With so many companies in this hair selling business we are sure you want to know… what makes us different? What makes us better? We’ve been in the research, testing, and development stage of building our company for over a year, but why trust us right? We bet you all want to know!

Crown Beauty wasn’t created just to sell hair and make money, that is our last concern. What makes us unique from the rest is that we:

Finished Project

Hello Beautiful  Aesthetic Makeup Studio

Special occasion, or just because you want to look fabulous. Let one of our artists customize a look for you. Smokey eyes, clean and natural, or bold and beautiful. See More

Finished Project

Magic Mirror Salon

Melissa has been motivated by the desire to transform the lives of others by freely sharing her knowledge with others, industry professionals and most importantly her clients. Melissa has learned while working in the beauty industry; that beauty is not only a part of your image but a mirror image of how you should feel beautiful.See More

Finished  Project

Body 2 Soul

Body 2 Soul Salon and owner Anna Walker was a joy to work with Anna created a salon that care’s about the products she uses on your hair and the earth. Anna wants you walking out of her salon feeling beautiful. If you’re in Virginia and looking for a new stylist click on the button below and learn more about her shop.See More